The Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS) is a global society of research scholars dedicated to the purpose of stimulating, promoting, and disseminating research on topics relating to financial intermediation. FIRS organizes annual conferences where scholarly research studies on financial intermediation, corporate finance, and investments are presented and discussed.

The main goal of the society is to provide a worldwide forum for those interested in financial intermediation and related topics. FIRS enables members to have ready access to each other’s research and to communicate and coordinate more efficiently on a variety of academic and public policy issues. FIRS hopes to bridge the gaps that exist in the flow of ideas across the different continents. It encourages bringing scholars in emerging markets into the mainstream of financial research.

President and Program Chair for 2022 Conference – Allen Berger
President Elect and 2022 Conference Coordinator – Simon Gervais
Vice President Elect and 2023 Conference Coordinator – Adriano Rampini
Secretary/Treasurer serving through 2024 – Philip Strahan

Francesca Cornelli, Northwestern University
Philip Strahan, Boston College
Denis Gromb, HEC Paris
Paolo Fulghieri, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Directors serving through 2022 – Alex Edmans, Nadya Malenko, Adriano Rampini
Directors serving through 2023 – Isil Erel, Victoria Ivashina, Philipp Schnabl
Directors serving through 2024 – Elena Loutskina, Giorgia Piacentino, Uday Rajan

*Unless otherwise specified, terms begin and end in June.
The Board of Directors consists of all officers, the past four presidents, and the directors.

Franklin Allen, Imperial College
Mark Flannery, University of Florida
Stuart Greenbaum, Washington University in St. Louis
Jan Pieter Krahnen, Goethe University Frankfurt
Loretta J. Mester, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Anjan Thakor, Washington University in St. Louis

Philip E. Strahan
Finance Department
Boston College
Carroll School of Management
Fulton Hall
Chestnut Hill, MA 02459
Phone: (617) 552-6430